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Started by a team of health enthusiasts from Malaysia who are committed to tell the truth about health and general well-being for the readers, we are the only health portal which is not commercially-oriented. When it comes to health, we are serious about delivering only the true and genuine information because good health is the birthright of every human being. With sound and updated knowledge on health, diseases and sickness can be reduced and even prevented. All our resources, articles and guides are specially hand-picked and written by our editors to benefit every reader.

We only believe in Organic and God-gifted food

At, we are strong advocates of organic food and vegetarianism. We are adamant that medication is outright wrong and the pharmaceutical industry has been spreading half-truths to the public. It is time to voice back and tell them and the world about these lies. Our team is strong vegetarians who believe that the world is friendly and more peaceful if everyone stops eating meat.

If you have or believe in a similar philosophy and would like to be part of this movement as a contributor, to make a change and help innocent lives from being victims in the commercial worlds, feel free to contact us and be part of the ONLY true movement of genuine health and general well-being.