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Diabetes in Malaysia is a known disease. In fact, it is one of the top 5 killers in Malaysia because as the local name suggests, it has to do with sugar. In Malay, diabetes is known as ‘Penyakit Kencing Manis’ or ‘Sweet Urine Disease’ which is the same name given by the Chinese and other communities as well.

In Malaysia, diabetes is the largest cause of health-related problems like kidney failure that required dialysis, irreversible blindness and leg amputation. Despite the growing research and positive results to cure diabetes, there has not much change around as people are still consuming sugar at an uncontrollable rate. The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2011 showed that there has been an increase of 20.8% rate of diabetes from 5 years earlier. 10 years ago, it was 8.3% among adults above the age of 30 years old and 15 years before that was only 6.3%.


This chronic illness if not controlled will result in much pain for the individual. It is accumulated throughout the years and is usually resulted from food intake. Malaysians love their ‘Teh Tarik’ and ‘Nescafe Kau’ and they are usually prepared using sugar and milk. If not controlled, it could lead to heart failure and stroke while the men could face erectile dysfunction problems too.

Like it or not, everyone in Malaysia is exposed to the risk of contracting diabetes because we love our food to be tasty and sweet. This happens when the levels of sugar in the blood is too high. Make no mistake about it, our body needs glucose, a type of sugar to function efficiently. Glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream because it is one of the main sources of energy. The pancreas creates insulin which is needed to move glucose from the bloodstream to other parts of the body that requires energy like the muscles and most importantly, the liver cells.

A person with diabetes has too much sugar in their blood which will cause the pancreas to fail in making enough insulin. Another reason is that the cells do not respond to the insulin while it could be due to both the problems too. There are 2 major types of diabetes which are Type 1 and Type 2 respectively. The former are more common among the younger age group where the body is unable to produce insulin and daily injections of this is required. The latter is the most common and is often found among adults due to lifestyle, food intake and other reasons.

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