Body Parts – Lung

Your lungs are extremely important organs in your body because it ensures you are breathing well which keeps you alive. Having healthy lungs are crucial because any damage will cause a lot of problems including death.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is among the most feared disease in the world today. It is the second highest cancer-related killers in Malaysia while in many other Asian countries, it is the top in this list.

Causes of lung cancer

It is a known fact globally that the main cause of lung cancer is cigarette smoke. Besides that, it is caused by pollution in the environment especially among locations which are highly industrialized. Generally, if you stay in a place with polluted air, you are high risk of getting lung cancer.

General information about lung cancer

The first thing you need to know about lung health is how to maintain it. This is affected mostly by your lifestyle and general habits. Besides that, you need to know:

  1. Medication used to treat lung cancer
  2. reducing your risk of lung cancer
  3. Ways of reducing your risk of getting lung cancer
  4. cases of recovery from lung cancer

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