Coconuts – Does everything and more!

Coconuts – Does everything and more!

In Malaysia, the coconut is most popular for many reasons. Besides being a favoured fruit, coconuts are used for a variety of reasons. Coconut oil is used to make natural toothpaste while other parts of this fruit like its skin, leaves and bark are used for making soap, household products and others. This is besides being taken as a drink or as a natural fruit.

Lauric Acid – This is a crucial saturated fatty acid which can help to increase HDL (or good) cholesterol in your blood which can reduce your risk of hypertension.

Cytokinins – This is a type of bioactive compound which has anti-aging properties.

Enzymes – Unknown to many, coconuts are very rich with enzymes like catalase, pertoxidase and dehydrogenase which are very important in aiding metabolism and digestion.

Potassium – The coconut meat has high levels of potassium that helps to regulate your blood pressure and reduce risk of stroke and arthritis.

Besides those mentioned, coconuts are rich with minerals like magnesium, zinc, calcium, manganese and copper.

Pesticides and Hazard
Most coconuts you find around are usually safe to eat which are safe from most pesticides as this fruit is known to grow quite naturally. However, certain coconuts have systemic pesticides but they are in very low and usually not harmful amounts.