People who laughs a lot live longer

People who laughs a lot live longer

It has been said laughter is the best medicine. It would have intrigued you by now how having a good laugh could have medicinal values. The truth is there are certain health benefits in laughing which we are not really aware of despite hearing this all the time.

The infectious nature of laughter means that if it is actually beneficial, it attracts other people as well. According to studies conducted recently, laughter can be an antidote to a lot of negative energy and to make it all the more exciting, it works very quickly.

To begin with, laughter is good for your general wellbeing and health because it helps to relax the body. Research shown that laughing for an average of 15 minutes a day is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep in terms of relaxing your muscles.

It helps to boost your immune system. When you laugh, it actually reduces the stress hormones while immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies are built and increased. When this happens, your body is stronger and has a better resistance against diseases and bad agents in the air, thereby reducing your risk of falling sick.

Endorphins are released when laughing. This is an important natural feel-good chemical that your body releases known to boost your confidence. Another common method that builds endorphins is during sex. In a long run, your mind feels better and you are a more positive person which reduces the risk of depression.

Laughing improves the function of your blood vessels which will promote better blood flow in your body. This will aid in protection against heart attack risks and other cardiovascular problems. By improving the heart systems, your body is healthier.

So when someone tells you that laughter is the best medicine, there is a truth in that, so put up the smile, watch a comedy, read a funny book and tell a joke to someone you meet today.