Stress Reducing Foods

Stress Reducing Foods

Stress is a buzz word today which is affecting almost everyone on the planet especially those with families and a hectic work life. Because of stress, people are eating irregularly and unhealthily. Foods that are manufactured like burgers and sausages are fast becoming staple food in many communities because they are easily available and simply because they are easy. Besides putting on weight, these foods can cause problems like hypertension and such due to their high contents of salt and MSG. So, the next time you feel stress and want to eat, consider the following:

Almonds – Packed with protein, almonds are known as one of the ‘healthiest’ foods because of its nutrition and it keeps the stomach full. Besides that, it has a lot of zinc which helps to fight off the effects of stress.

Fish – Most types of fish contain high omega-3 fatty acids. They have vitamin B6 and B12 which are often known as a ‘happy’ mineral used to treat people with depression and other mental problems. Taking a tuna sandwich for lunch would do the job.

Milk – Milk has vitamins B2 and B12 while there are antioxidants that help to combat free radicals that cause stress. That is why people like to take milk with cereal for breakfast to start the day right.

Blueberries – Not many people know this but taking blueberries can fill the body with loads of Vitamin C and antioxidants which are known to be stress-relievers. They are low in calories and tastes really good as well. Blueberries come with a lot of fiber which helps to solve indigestion problems that can cause tiredness and fatigue.

For breakfast, take blueberry jam with wholemeal bread and that would do the trick.

Meanwhile, there are other known sources of stress relieving foods like black tea which contains lesser caffeine than standard coffee while taking small amounts of animal foods can source protein for the brains as well.