STRESS – The buzz word that leads to all the sickness you can imagine

STRESS – The buzz word that leads to all the sickness you can imagine

The word STRESS is often used to denote both official and unofficial situations. It can be a medical condition where you are mentally disturbed all the time while unofficially, it could be used to illustrate a situation of dead-ends and would lead to how your body will react to them.

Stress is actually a mental condition where you response to certain elements like an environmental condition. It is actually a way that your body is reacting to a challenge. There is actually a medical explanation on how your body reacts to the situation. However, it has been medically proven that too much stress in your daily activities could lead to major implications, especially to your health.

There are many levels of stress. Minor stress experience can be harmless in most cases. However, if you are constantly feeling high levels of stress, you will need to take precautionary steps so that it does not lead to more significant problems later.

The most dangerous effect of stress is when it leads to cardiovascular problems. This means that it could cause heart diseases, strokes and even hardening of your arteries. Too much stress will surely cause your blood pressure to increase which will lead to hypertension.

For those who experience stress frequently, they can easily get irritated and could lead to major mental problems like depression and migraines as well. If such problems are not treated, it could cause fatigue and could lead to more serious implications like withdrawal syndrome and even insomnia.

Stress is medically linked to major health diseases like diabetes, allergies, asthma, kidney disorders and ulcers as well as respiratory problems. Other known effects include colitis, rheumatism, skin diseases and such. Meanwhile, smokers will increase their cigarette intakes due to stress which will surely dampen their efforts to quit smoking. Apart from that, you could encounter problems with sex that could lead to loss of interest and even erectile dysfunction among men.

Stress is a problem that people face in every facet of life. It usually happen in the workplace while very commonly found in the home as well. It exists in social circles and just about anywhere in the daily activities. The whole idea is to take everything with a pinch of salt and not to over react each time. You must learn to control your stress level and along the process, take control of your life.