Why sugar is worse than fat?

Why sugar is worse than fat?

Too much fat is not good for anyone. But did you know that too much sugar is more dangerous than too much fat?

In the past few decades, there has been a lot of talk about fats being the culprit for causing blocked arteries because of cholesterol.

However, with almost every single type of food that you consume coming with zero or low-fat, the situation has not improved.

Instead, it seems that obesity rates have been raising uncontrollably which seemed to suggest that fat might not be the main problem. Among the biggest concern around the world today is that with low-fat foods everywhere, diabetes rates are highest in history.

No doubt fat can still be dangerous but there must be something else since we are taking lesser fat today.

The equation is simple. When you consume lesser fat, you need to replace your body’s needs with something else. In low-fat foods, the ingredients might include more sugar or some sort of agent that sweetens the food so that you do not feel so hungry.

Our bodies are not made to take so much sugar. So when you are taking more than before, your liver will metabolize the excess to become LDL or low-density lipoprotein particles which in laymen terms mean ‘bad cholesterol’.

When you eat a slice of white bread, your body will think that it is a packet of sugar because the end result is the same. So when you are taking this much of processed food, you are injecting your body with ‘bad cholesterol’ thinking that you are trying to stay health.

How to break sugar addiction?
Now that you know the dangers of sugar, the challenge is on how you can break this habit because most people are not aware that they are addicted to sugar. In fact, it has been found that addiction to sugar is more prevalent than cocaine being a ‘secret health destroyer’.

So, to break this habit and going sugar-free, you will need to have the discipline to start acknowledging your problem.

First, you must stop eating cakes and pastries. Besides the taste, they are rarely beneficial to health.

Then you should stop taking convenience food because they are high on sugar and flavouring. If you can remove soda and sugary drinks from your diet, you are making good progress. These drinks are the main culprits of belly fat and increases insulin in your blood sugar level.

Reduce wheat and grains which can increase your craving for food and then take out dairy products from your diet. If you can do that progressively, then you have remove sugar from your diet significantly which reduces weight and risk of diabetes as well.