The Aedes Moquito – Facts and Myths

The Aedes mosquito is one of the most prominent insects in Malaysia and in Asia. It goes by the scientific name of Aedes aegypti and is most commonly found in tropical countries. But does that mean that chances are you will not find Aedes in cold countries around Europe and the States? Think again.

In Malaysia, the battle against Aedes mosquito has been going on for decades as they are responsible for dengue fever, one of the most feared health problems today. Most Malaysians today know what is dengue and the Aedes mosquito.

So what is that that you should know about the Aedes and what are the myths surrounding this highly dangerous insect? Below are some of them.

Fact – Aedes is originally found only in tropical countries but today, they are found in almost all the continents, including the cold ones.

Fact – Aedes is known to spread dengue fever and in some case, Yellow Fever.

Fact – there is no available direct treatment for dengue at the moment but medical intervention and prevention measures are available.

Fact – Aedes is known only to attack during the day. It ‘goes to sleep’ at night. So you are quite safe from this invasive insect at night. However, do not take any chances. If you see the mosquito, kill it.

Fact – Aedes mosquito has black and white stripes. This makes them easily identifiable.

Fact – Dengue is an infection that comes from the Aedes bite. It will propel to bigger problems starting from a flu-like condition and leads to fever. After that, it could lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever which could lead to death. Don’t take chances with dengue, especially if you have children at home.

Fact – the best way to curb dengue is to eliminate breeding spaces for the Aedes mosquito. Eliminate places where water retention is possible. Check any health hazards in your home to ensure that they are minimized.

Myth – all mosquitoes cause dengue. Only the Aedes can transmit dengue to the human.

Myth – You are safe as long as you stay indoors. Even if you are living within an air-conditioned environment, you are not entirely safe to the Aedes mosquito.

Myth – Dengue is contagious. Only the Aedes mosquito can transmit dengue from one person to another. This means that if direct contact with someone who has dengue fever will not give you the infection.

Myth – Dengue only comes about during the rainy season. Although you see more mosquitoes when it rains, it does not mean dengue will come around only then. Aedes can breed even during the dry season.

Myth – unlike diseases like Chicken Pox, a person can acquire dengue more than once in a lifetime. It only takes a bite from the mosquito.

Myth – Aedes only breed in dirty water. Aedes will breed on any dormant water regardless of whether they are clean or dirty.

So, don’t wait any longer. Start eliminating this life-threatening risk by killing all the mosquitoes you see around your home. In the case of Aedes and dengue fever, prevention is definitely better than cure. Otherwise, you will have to endure a lot of heartache and pain as the ordeal of dengue fever can be very devastating.