The truth about diet coke that you didn’t know about

The weather is hot and you want to quench your thirst, if you have not been bitten by the health bug most probably the first drink that you would reach for is a carbonated drink. And if have already been bitten by the health bug and you are worried about the calorie and sugar intake, the next best choice for you would then be diet soda. It does not come as a surprise to see that the companies of these diet sodas spending basically millions and millions of dollars in advertising trying to convince us that the diet soda is a healthier choice as compared to the regular type.
And nowadays the one thing that most of us are obsessed with is our weight, so no one would blame us if we instinctively reach for that diet soda.

In reality however this is not the case, if the product really does work as it claims then there would be no need to spend so much on advertising in the first place. This means that the women are basically sabotaging their efforts when they consume diet sodas. While diet coke may not contain calories or sugar like the regular soda, the diet soda still have other forms of health draining chemicals which you may not be aware of such as artificial sweeteners, phosphoric acid, caffeine and sodium. In an effort to avoid sugar, parents are actually making matters worse by letting their children consume diet soda as they will be more vulnerable to the chemicals as compared to the adults.

If you are dealing with sugar addiction then the diet soda may be a solution to your problem, however if you are trying to lose weight then it is best recommended that you stay away from diet soda and just stick to plain water which is much more healthier in more ways than one. Recent studies have shown that the diet soda which you consume will not help you lose the weight that you want but in fact gain even more weight than you desire.

Their culture has successfully thrived in other cultures, so why not sodas

Alarming facts is that the Americans buy and consume the most amount of soda as compared to other countries. The overall figure for the sales of soda including the regular and diet for the year 2005 is at 10.2 billion cases, to put it into numbers that we the consumers can digest this basically means that for every citizen in the country, they would have at least consumed up to 2 and a half servings per day. While the number has gone down in recent years due to the popularity of energy drinks which they themselves are also guilty of providing misinformation. But coming back to the sodas, it is without a doubt that they are here to stay and if you do not believe this then the next time you go to the supermarket don’t just focus on the things you want to buy, go to the soft drink aisle and take a step back you will be shocked with the number of soft drinks that are out there in the market currently.

When you consume a regular soda can is the same as taking nine teaspoons of sugar which is generally in the form of high fructose corn syrup. So this basically means that you are consuming nine teaspoons of sugar whether you realize it or not. And the scary part about all this is that you are taking the sugar one after another, to put it into perspective just imagine yourself eating nine tablespoon of sugar continuously. This is what you are essentially doing when you drink soda; it is liquid candy that will satisfy just about any sweet tooth.

So the weight that you actually wanted to lose will always be there, and the continuous consumption of it will only add more weight. And who can forget about diabetes, the health risk that people face on a daily basis is staggering. But sadly people still make the wrong choice when it comes to their diet, as they think that diet soda is the remedy to their health problems. As artificial sweeteners are taking the center stage, the fact is that this will only add more problems to the ones that we are currently trying to resolve in the first place. There is no denying that when you compare regular soda with that of diet soda, diet soda contains fewer calories. But when you weigh the benefits of consuming diet soda, there is actually not much you can actually consider.

Debunked! The truth behind weight loss and artificial sweeteners

While there has not yet been any form of concrete evidence to support this but most of the scientist community believe that artificial sweeteners may interact with the body’s sense of sugar satisfaction. Now there have been recent studies trying to explore the possibility that the artificial sweeteners that we consume may actually confuse our taste buds and brain measures satiety upon which we base on what we eat.

If this surprises you then you should definitely get a reality check but studies that shown the correlation between obesity and the daily consumption of multiple cans of sot drinks. In fact the study has also shown that the consumption of diet soda will increase the risk of obesity by up to 41%. While this is not the definitive result, there has been a distinctive pattern that has been emerging from the other results that have been conducted. This is because from some of the data that has been retrieved from the studies that was conducted, it seems that our bodies learn to predict the caloric intake by the texture and taste of the food that we eat. So when we consume artificial sweeteners are introduced into the diet, our body will send the appropriate sweet signals to the brain to register but it will never deliver the actual sugar punch that we are accustomed to with the natural sugars.

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