Top 4 habits that causes fat on your belly

Top 4 habits that causes fat on your belly

No matter what you do and how ever hard you try, the belly fat refused to go away. You use the tips given and learn about superfoods that reduce the bulge and yet it refuses to sink-in. So what is the problem? Perhaps it is your way of life? Below are the top 4 habits that will keep your belly bulging out.

Carbonated drinks – It sure has its kicks and drinking carbonated drinks like Coke and Sprite is the biggest contributor to the belly. Research has shown that 1 or 2 cans of carbonated drinks can increase the waistline at least 5 times as compared to those who drink barely drink 1 per week. And don’t for a moment think that diet sodas are ‘safe’ because using artificial sweeteners could be equally as damaging.

Amount of food you eat – A lot of people like to take more than they can eat. Just because you are served with a large plate of rice does not mean you have to finish everything you can take. Instead of using a large plate, use a smaller plate and bring your own to your favourite coffee shop. That way, you are ‘forced’ to eat less. This is a common trick used in many diet programmes.

Supper – The mamak sessions are the most exciting ones. Eating late will cause you to have that belly. Furthermore, the Maggi Mee Goreng is cooked that contain fatty acid which is supposed to increase your weight anyway.

Emotional dining – people who eat when they are emotional will experience larger bellies than others. You need to find a way to avoid feeling sad, down or depressed. This is because those who have these negative feelings tend to eat more and impulsively. As such, you will experience a surge in food consumption especially when you are stressed or sad and that is a strong reason why your belly will always be there.