Top Foods with almost NO Calories

Top Foods with almost NO Calories

Losing weight! Everyone wants to but not everyone can do it. The word ‘calorie’ is your biggest enemy if you are watching your diet by monitoring what you eat. But did you know that besides reading the label of the foods you buy to reduce your intake of calories; there are some natural food which are almost ZERO calories? Here are some the popular ones.

Broccoli – This is the super-vegetable and is probably included in most healthy recipes. For every cup of broccoli, there are only 31 calories and you get lots and lots of nutrients.

Asparagus – No one really likes this vege but with only 27 calories per cup, you might think again about avoiding it now.

Cauliflower – It is known to have anti-cancer properties, vitamins and this are the one vege which has almost ZERO calories.

Brussel Sprouts – For every serving of this vege, you only get 38 calories. So eat as much as you can.

Arugula – This peppery-tasting green is perhaps the most popular one because there are abundant amount of fibre, potassium and vitamins but only 4 calories per cup.

Lettuce – Only 5 calories per cup of lettuce. Need we say more?

Cabbage – This green comes with about 22 calories in a cup but it is one of the most popular vege used for cooking and has anti-cancer properties too.

Beets – For every half cup of beets, you get only 37 calories but this is very delicious and very healthy.

Grapefruit – This fruit is popular because its tasty and only has 39 calories per half cup.

Coffee – Drinking coffee is good for your liver. It has no calories (sugarless) so its perfectly safe.

Lemons – Used for all types of healthy recipes, lemons only has 20 calories per cup.

Mushrooms – You can mix it with salad, cooked with other dishes and super low in calories. And did we mention it has nutrients and vitamins too.

Tomatoes – The popular lycopene supplier which has 22 calories each.

Kale – You can plant this vege at home and besides being used for garnish, it only has 5 calories in every cup.