Holistic health care in Malaysia

Holistic health care in Malaysia

Holistic health care or holistic medicine is one of the fastest growing branches of health care in recent years. It is the area of alternative medicine where the individual is treated as a ‘whole person’. Some have called this ‘traditional’ but it has already been found to be an effective method of treatment in many societies.

This concept is one of the prominent parts of alternative medicine which takes into account the whole person through psychological, physical and social aspects in giving treatment. In most cases, alternative medicine is used in holistic health while there are certain practitioners who use a combination of alternative and mainstream medicine. Meanwhile, there are some practitioners that even take into account the spiritual element to assess the well-being of the patient although this has yet to be fully substantiated.

Unlike medical doctors and practitioners, a holistic doctor might be different. He might use all forms of health care methods to treat a patient, ranging from conventional to alternative methods.

Types of Holistic Health Treatments
Holistic health treatment is very different as compared to conventional medicine practices. Using alternative medicine, it could mean a combination of different techniques. Below are some of the most common methods.

Yoga and Meditation – This practice is already a common lifestyle and fitness practice around the world. Besides Yoga, there are many other meditation methods which are being promoted to help the body and mind to relax and achieve better balance.

Hypnosis – This is one of the treatments which have been growing in popularity. The patient is guided into an altered state of consciousness and then subtle suggestions are made to improve health. Besides curing certain illnesses, this method is now being used to help in smoking cessation and weight loss.

Homeopathy – This treatment is where a patient is analyzed individually and then medicine is prescribed to balance the body and get rid of diseases through the concept that substance that cause the disease would keep the body away from it as well. Besides medicine which is commonly made from herbal and plant-based remedies, it could include meditation techniques.

Massage – As people are more susceptible to stress and tension, massage practices have pretty much become a mainstream in the modern lifestyle. It has yet to achieve a formal medical treatment perception although massage therapists are able to relax the muscles and regulate better blood circulation thereby ensuring better health in the process.

Acupuncture – This Chinese traditional method is currently gaining a lot of popularity where this alternative medicine helps to treat all types of nerve-related problems that include joint pains and blood circulation.

Holistic Health Centres in Malaysia
Holistic Health in Malaysia is still in its infancy but it is fast growing into becoming a popular treatment method as people are undergoing more stress in the modern lifestyle. There are centres that offer holistic health care like Holistic Health Cultivation Centre in Kuala Lumpur, the LifeWorks Holistic Centre in Penang, Holistic Healthcare Kucing and others while there are specialized and focused centres offering the likes of yoga, acupuncture, massage and healing and others around the country.