How To Lower Blood Pressure In Less Than 5 Minutes With This Ancient Chinese Remedy

How To Lower Blood Pressure In Less Than 5 Minutes With This Ancient Chinese Remedy

Not many will believe in traditional methods but this ancient Chinese remedy actually works to reduce your blood pressure in less than 5 minutes!!

If you have been struggling with your blood pressure for some time and taking all sorts of medication but has not been confident that they actually helped, then perhaps you are doing it all the wrong way.

Using this Chinese remedy which has been passed down for generations, it can actually reduce your blood pressure and to make it more exciting, it can happen within minutes.

The first thing you should do is to acknowledge the root of the problem. High blood pressure is usually caused by too much salt, sugar and not enough exercise while job-related stress could contribute as well. The main cause here is because your muscles have become too tensed that your blood vessels contracted, thereby raising your blood pressure which occurs when they become overwhelmed with stress.

Hypertension therefore becomes common among those who live fast-paced lives. So when your heart needs to work overtime to get blood pumping around your body, it become overworked which will then lead to high blood pressure.

Here’s how you can reduce your pressure using this age-old method without the need for high-tech medication or apparatus.

Locate a line between the bottom of your ear and right above your collarbone. Stroke between the top and bottom with your fingers about 10 to 15 times and do this for both sides of your neck.
after that, locate the area around your collarbone and the sternum of breastbone. Massage this area for 1 to 2 minutes on each side. While doing that, press hard on the area but make sure that it does not hurt and then rub along the sides continuously. Do this daily to keep your blood pressure in check.