Asthma – the breathtaking killer disease in Malaysia

Asthma – the breathtaking killer disease in Malaysia

Asthma is one of the oldest known diseases in the world. In Malaysia, it is among the top 30 killer diseases where in 2010, it caused the death of 988 people, placing it on the 22 spot of all known killers as reported by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

Although asthma does not sound as serious as the likes of strokes or cancer, it can sometimes be very dangerous as this disease can be a silent killer, attacking when the patient is most vulnerable. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease where the airways are attacked, causing the person to lose the supply of breathable air.

This type of disease is one which must be treated or the person would not be able to breathe properly. It is very important that the proper medication methods are applied so that they can receive the supply of airflow in the body.

People who suffer from asthma will experience minor wheezing or coughing while the more serious ones would face problems like shortness of breath or even chest tightness. This means that a person who has asthma would not be suitable to be involved in rigorous exercise like sports and work-outs.

In fact, an asthmatic must always carry their medication, often known as a puff that contain the likes of salbutamol or a form of oral corticosteroids with them to inhale whenever needed. The most common known causes of asthma are hereditary while the worsening air quality in the environment is causing more people to contract this disease.

The recent haze situation in Malaysia has caused many to be concerned while a spike in asthma cases has happened. This means that environmental factors have become more associated with asthma cases, especially in Malaysia. It is therefore very important that proper precautions for the haze are taken when it comes around, particularly around the middle of the year. Meanwhile, asthmatics will find that the haze situation would be very detrimental to them where they would need to be more cautious or it could leads to other problems like tuberculosis and such.

Precautions should be taken among children in terms of play-time in the outdoors while food intake must be considered as well. It has been reported that consuming bird nests and other types of traditional medicine could help to improve situations with people who has asthmatic and that could be practiced to minimize asthma attacks.