Stroke the second top killer in Malaysia

Stroke the second top killer in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a lot of health problems are often related to the heart. This is mainly due to the food and diet that Malaysians are so accustomed to. While Malaysian food is often known to be among the best in the world, it contributed to a lot of problems related to health especially in terms of its ingredients and the way the foods are being prepared.

There are many different types of food in Malaysia like Malay, Chinese and Indian and many others. It must be noted that preparation of these dishes often involve manufactured or recycled oil or shortening which could be very damaging to the general wellbeing of the person.

Hence, it is not surprising that the food intake that Malaysians are accustomed to contribute to problems like heart diseases and more so to stroke, which is the second top killer in the country.

In 2010, WHO (World Health Organisation) reported that stroke contributes 11,943 deaths in Malaysia and this number continues to grow each year. At this figure, it is 11.67% of the total deaths reported in the country, about half the amount of the top killer, coronary heart disease.

Stroke and coronary heart disease collectively contribute to more than one-third of the total deaths in Malaysia where they are both heart-related diseases. While coronary heart disease involves heart attacks where blood is being deprived to the heart muscle, a stroke meanwhile happens when blood is restricted to flow to the brain.

Blood is oxygen-rich and when the brain is being deprived from this supply, the brain cell will die. This is a very critical situation as the brain cannot function without oxygen even for a few minutes. When that happens, the brain will very quickly stop functioning which will then cause the death of the person. It is sometimes said that when brain dead is a more official definition of death than any other symptoms.

In certain cases, if there is bleeding inside the brain, it could lead to a stroke as well. When a certain part of the brain is not functioning, it would affect the corresponding parts of the body. That is why people who suffer strokes face problems like paralysis or numbness on certain body parts. In more serious situations, one half of the body won’t be able to move while some would experience problem with speech or speaking as the brain cells that control these parts were damaged by the stroke.