Selenium plays an important role in the body where it is among the minerals responsible in enhancing and strengthening the immune system. It is known to be one of the important minerals which can increase and enhance fertility which is one of the supplements popularly recommended to couples who are trying to have a baby while it is needed for the general wellbeing of the adult as well.

Selenium can be easily found in many types of food. Among those that are known to have high contents of selenium include Brazilian nuts, fish, most types of meat, eggs and many other poultry foods. Seafood, especially oysters that are cooked are among the highest suppliers of selenium while sunflower seeds, whole meal bread and mushrooms are taken for its selenium contains as well. Apart from natural food, selenium is available in supplement form where it is encouraged and recommended for those who are trying to conceive.

What does it do?
Selenium can be taken through water and foods where it is most commonly available from the diet of a person. It is recommended that an adult take about 0.35mg of selenium or less daily which will be the appropriate dosage where it is used to cure diseases for the heart and blood vessels. Selenium is vital in reducing the risk of stroke and heart attacks while there have been cases where it is used to prevent various types of cancers, particularly those in the prostate and stomach areas. Apart from that, Selenium is taken by men to increase fertility and for arsenic poisoning.

A person who has selenium deficiency could experience muscle aches, tiredness and a weakened immune system. This could then lead to more serious problems that include cause the Keshan disease. Other known effects of shortage of this include reducing sperm motility and count, mood swings and even asthma.

Maximum selenium intake per day: 400ug(Read more about selenium fact sheet here)