Authorities & Departments

When it comes to health and family, the rules and regulations, policies and governance are extremely crucial. Without a proper legal framework, these issues will go haywire especially if there is no one to enforce them.
Who should you know?
There are many agencies and departments that are responsible to oversee the development and maintenance of public health. From the national level departments like the Ministry of Health to the state health departments and the specialized agencies, these parties play crucial roles in ensuring that the proper rules are enforced without any wrongdoing. Among the names that are important include:

Ministry of Health Malaysia
Malaysia Health Promotion Board
Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
and many others.

Finding the right information
It is hence very important to ensure that one knows who to look for when it comes to health issues. Whether it is mentail health, physical health, medical conditions or merely public information, the right departments will provide the most accurate information that are beneficial. Check out the policies, news and any relevant updates that could be adopted properly for the general wellbeing.

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