Ministry of Health – Roles and Agencies

The Ministry of Health of Malaysia (MoH) is one of the most prominent ministries in the country. In most countries, this is the one agency that plays an extremely vital role as it determines the public health of the citizens.

Major roles of MoH

The Malaysian Ministry of Health is responsible for all the health issues of the country. Known locally as Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, it holds the highest authority in terms of laws, policies and guidelines related to public health. This includes systems that cover the likes of health management, medical research, medicine, cancer research, pharmaceutical issues, dental and oral care, healthcare tourism and many others.

Public health and safety

The government is responsible for the people and MoH is the authority that has absolute power in this area. Throughout the years, MoH formulates policies to ensure the citizen’s health and safety is always prioritized. In times like the COVID-19 pandemic, MoH plays a much more significant role as they need to control the outbreak. This includes mobilizing the public healthcare workers and to ensure that measures are put in place for control and order.

Major roles by MoH

Generally, MoH covers a wide area of management under several offices. Among them include:

  • Research and development
  • Legal advice
  • Management of Health Departments under the respective states
  • Family health
  • Disease control
  • Health education
  • Nutrition
  • Medical development and medical practice
  • Traditional and complementary medicine
  • Nursing
  • Oral health
  • Pharmacy and pharmaceutical
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Corporate communications

Research and training agencies within MoH

Besides the common roles that MoH takes charge of, there are many other areas that it is involved in. MoH is supported by many other agencies which have their own set of KPIs and responsibilities.

  • Institute for Public Health – Known also as Institut Kesihatan Umum (IKU), it operates a very important role to ensure good public health. The IKU carries out epidemiological survey researches which will then be used to formulate policies for MoH in terms of global patters of diseases and others.
  • Clinical Research Centre – The CRC or Pusat Penyelidikan Klinikal is involved in providing technical resources in specialized areas such as clinical epidemiology, clinical economics, biostatistics and medical informatics, among others. Besides that, it is also involved in managing the registries in the areas concerned.
  • Institute for Medical Research – IMR, also known as Institut Penyelidikan Kesihatan is one of the oldest research organizations in the Malaysian health sector. Its main role is to be the biomedical research agency under MoH where it undertakes all types of efforts under this area.
  • Institute for Health Management – The Institut Pengurusan Kesihatan (IPK) is tasked at providing training, consultation and research in the areas of health management in the country. This includes training of qualified personnel for the respective sectors and selected areas.
  • Institute of Health Behavioural Research – The Insititut Penyelidikan Tingkahlaku Kesihatan (IPTK) is managed under MoH’s Research and Technical Support Programme. It is responsible in areas like advisory, consultancy, research and training particularly those involving health behaviour. This means it helps to regulate issues like maintaining good health for the prevention of diseases, among others.
  • Institute for Health Systems Research – The Institut Penyelidikan Sistem Kesihatan is involved in major roles of research, training and expert advice in these areas that include health care services.

Related agencies to MoH

There are a few agencies that are specialized in other areas in support of the initiatives of MoH which are:

  • Children’s Dental Centre and Dental Training College Malaysia ( Pusat Pergigian Kanak-Kanak dan Kolej Latihan Pergigian Malaysia or PPKKKLPM).
  • Malaysian Health Promotion Board (Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan Malaysia or MySihat).
  • Medical Device Authority (Pihak Berkuasa Peranti Perubatan or PBPP).
  • Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)