Mee Rebus – facts and calories

malaysia mee rebus

A bowl of Mee Rebus is extremely delicious and tempting if you are taking it with all the important ingredients. In fact, Mee Rebus is one of the all-time Malaysian favourite food where you can enjoy this at restaurants, mamak stalls, the warungs and coffee shops.

Made using a traditional recipe of spicy gravy with yellow noodles commonly used in Mee Goreng, this dish is served with lime and hard-boiled eggs. Besides that, you get prawns, vegetables and several other side additions that create that aromatic taste of this popular dish.

In a typical bowl of Mee Rebus, the calorie count is 556 calories. This is calculated based on the standard ingredients used to create the curry taste in the soup that makes this dish so enticing. When you add a hard-boiled egg, it will increase the count with another 78 which puts the entire meal to more than 600 calories.