Amazing Fact!! Your Face can tell you which part is unhealthy

Amazing Fact!! Your Face can tell you which part is unhealthy

Your skin is the outermost layer of your body. When you have any problems inside your body, your skin will be able to communicate this to you via different signs. Where this is concerned, Chinese medicine has been one of the most amazing methods in curing skin-related problems. Among the significant findings include having your face tell you what is wrong with your organ.

Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, manifests certain symptoms whenever something goes wrong in the body, and this is evident on the face. All you need to do is to notice which part of your face has irregularities like pimples, rashes or changes in the colour.

Cheeks (Upper areas) – This could be due to problems with your lungs caused by breathing polluted air and smoking. Dark circles and eye-bags will fall into this category as well.

Cheeks (other parts) – This is reflected by problems with your kidneys and lungs due to taking unhealthy food and high sugar consumption.

Forehead – If you experience a lot of pimples or rashes here, it could be problems with your bladder and small intestines caused by indigestion and too much sugar. Stress and late nights could be the cause as well. Drink lots of water, reduce your alcohol consumption and take raw vegetables.

Between the eyebrows – This is a sign that your liver is having problems and that your stomach is working overtime. You could be taking too much meat so start reducing this. Exercising could help as well.

Arch at the eyebrows – This signifies a problem with your kidney caused by smoking, alcohol and poor blood circulation. Start by reducing consumption of coffee or tea and other sweetened drinks.

Nose – If you constantly see irregularities around the nose, it could be due to problems with your heart. Regulate your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Mouth and chin areas – This is caused by problems in your stomach due to indigestion especially if you take a lot of spicy food. Start taking lots of fruits and fibre-rich vegetables.

Jaw – This extends to your necks and it means your hormones are not well. Drink lots of water because you are dehydrated. Reduce intake of sodium and caffeine drinks.