Caring for your Liver

Caring for your Liver

Whether you know it or not, the liver plays one of the most important roles in your body. In fact, being the largest single gland in your body, it is very much the organ that keeps you alive because if your liver fails, it means that your entire internal system fails.

The liver is the agent that does the most important task for your diet. The food that you consume is all stored here after they have been digested. On top of that, the liver is in charge of destroying all the damaging poisons which could harm your body.

This means that if your liver is unwell, the functions will suffer.

One of the most influencing factors that could cause your liver to damage is your lifestyle. What you eat each day will affect your liver both directly and indirectly. Never eat too much of something. Skipping breakfast is a known cause of liver damage while you should not consume too much medication, unless absolutely necessary.

Food which contain too many preservatives, coloring or artificial substance is damaging agents while you should not take food with too much oil. Generally, manufactured foods are not recommended while vegetables and fruits should be eaten raw where possible.

In terms of your lifestyle, avoid sleeping late and waking up too late into the day. Always urinate in the morning and do not drink too much alcohol.

To maintain a healthy liver function, you should practice a proper schedule so that your liver can function at its best.

Where this is concerned, you must ensure that you take a healthy breakfast. As mentioned, skipping breakfast can be very detrimental to the general health of your liver. Hence, breakfast must be taken and you will need a healthy diet for this. Ensure that your first meal is rich with nutrients, fiber and other minerals to keep your body strong throughout the day.

Lunch should be heavy but you must not overeat while dinner should be minimal where possible as you will be going to bed soon. The last thing you want is to have your liver working overtime while you are sleeping.

Between 9pm and 11pm, your liver will need to rest. This is the best time to detoxify. Anytime after that, your liver should no longer be working and should be allowed to rest. This is because throughout the day, your liver has been working non-stop.