Coconut might not be entirely good for you!


It is no secret that saturated fats are not good for health. While most fruits are known to offer good sources of nutrition and minerals, there are one or two that might be harmful. Countries in Asia have always been synonymous with tropical fruits like bananas and coconut. In fact, the coconut has often been regarded to be one of the most ‘useful’ fruits around as its parts are used to make many household products.

Not all fruits are created equal

Did you know that the coconut juice, although is known to be refreshing could have some harmful elements? In fact, coconut juice has often been known to moderate the body’s temperature which makes it a perfect drink on a hot day. It is this very reason that you will always see a person drinking from a coconut by the beach (under the hot sun).

What you might not know about the coconut drink?

Make no mistake about it! When it comes to saturated fat, it is linked to some of the highest killer diseases around like high cholesterol, atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular diseases. And coconut is one of the highest levels of saturated fat among all the plant-based sources. Having said that, coconut consists mostly of lauric and myristic acids (while palmitic acid is found in meat).

While palmitic acid is known to increase LDL and decreases HDL (where LDL is bad cholesterol and HDL is good cholesterol), lauric acid is known to be less effective on the HDL. However, myristic acid is known to improve HDL cholesterol. Even if this is so, it has already been proven and found that saturated fats in coconut will eventually increase LDL levels in the body which means drinking too much would put you in high risk of hypertension or heart diseases.