Diet Pyramid for Malaysians

Diet Pyramid for Malaysians

The Diet Pyramid is one of the best guides that you can use to practice a healthy diet. It is one which is used by people all around the world to ensure that their daily diet contains all the ingredients and nutrients that the body needs in order to stay at its best working condition.

The Diet Pyramid helps you not only to keep your body weight and health in check, but it helps you to choose the type of food that your body would need. Foods are grouped together in categories so you will know what to consume in moderation without having too much or too little of something.

By using the diet pyramid in your everyday life, you will be able to determine what you should eat each day which in a long run will help you to maintain the best health condition. While it does not tell you explicitly what to eat, it helps you to streamline what you will consume into your body.

This general guideline will be very helpful if you follow it where you can enjoy a complete diet that contains every type of minerals and nutrients. Meanwhile, you can ensure that you are taking in the right and appropriate amount of calories.

For Malaysians, the diet pyramid is extremely helpful because we are exposed to a wide variety of food types.

As the name implies, the diet pyramid is made up of a triangular structure.

Base – Whole-grains and rice

Those that are at the bottom would form the base of the structure which means that you will need to consume a lot of the food in that group. This is where you should take as much whole-grain and fiber foods as possible. This could be whole-meal bread, corn, beans and such. This is where you will find foods like rice and noodles too.

Above the Base – Fruits and Vegetables

On top of the base is the group of food that includes fruits and vegetables. This is where you can find a lot of such foods especially in Malaysia. As we experience the equator climate, we have many types of tropical foods like bananas, durians, mangos, mangosteen, watermelons and papayas, all of which are rich in fiber and vitamins. On top of that, Malaysia is home to some of the richest vegetables.

The meats

On top of the fruits and vegetables group is the meats. This is where you will find all types of foods that come from animals. Like fish, chicken, beef, pork and mutton. As it is close to the tip of the pyramid, you should not take too much of foods from this group.

The tip

At the top of the pyramid is where the oils, fats, sugar and salt is located. As it is on top of the structure, you should try to minimize on these types of foods.

How to use the pyramid?

Using the diet pyramid is very simple. All you need to do is to take a lot of what is on the base and minimize on the top. In our typical Malaysian diet, it means that you should try to take a lot of rice and wholemeal bread, lots of vegetable and fruits like bananas and watermelon, some meat like ikan bawal hitam and telur setengah masak and very little ayam goreng or satay.