Fear you might have COVID-19? Do a self-check before running to the clinic!


During the Movement Control Order (MCO), you would have taken every precaution possible. You wouldn’t have gone out too much. But somehow, you do feel a bit unwell? So, what should you do?

Don’t risk it!

Unlike any other type of virus, the Covid-19 is different. The clinic or hospital might not be the first place to go if you feel unwell. This is because you might be totally fine and be infected if you visit those places. So, what should you do? Have a self-check first. Ascertain your symptoms then decide.

Physical symptoms

Do a self-check of your physical symptoms. The 3 main ones are:

  • Coughing – usually accompanied by a sore throat
  • Fever – Check your temperature if it is above 37.5°C
  • Shortness of breath – If you do not have this problem previously

Have you traveled abroad?

This is especially crucial if you have traveled to any of the high-risk countries in the last 14 days. They include Japan, Italy, China, South Korea and Iran. There are other countries too but those mentioned are of the highest in risk. However, if you have returned from overseas from any country in the last 14 days, you should be concerned.

Religious gatherings

Have you been involved in any of the religious gatherings that have caused a major outbreak in the last 14 days? This includes the Tabligh gathering in Sri Petaling or attended the Damansara Utama Methodist Center? A church in Sarawak has been involved as well. If you have attended any religious gatherings, then you might be at risk.

Contact with other people

Do you know anyone in your circle who has been tested positive for Covid-19? Think back if you have been in close contact with them. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Did you shake hands or hugged?
  • Were you working in the same office or stayed in the same house (for a long duration)?

So, what should you do?

  • Answer those questions above and if you have 3 out of 4, then you are at HIGH RISK. You need to get it tested IMMEDIATELY!
  • If you have 2 out of the 4, then you are a mid-risk. You should self-quarantine yourself for 14 days. If you are fine after that, then you are fine.
  • If you have 1 out 4 of the above, then you are at low risk. Listen to the advice and stay at home.