How does vaccination work?

How does vaccination work

Recent years have seen new diseases and health related problems reaching the masses. The likes of the A H1N1 virus have caused panic among many societies and communities where free vaccination and other related services have been offered to people.

At the rate that this is going, it seems that there could well be more such problems coming about every few years once and new vaccinations will be found and one usually questions, how do such vaccinations work?

Apart from the new-found diseases and such, there are also many types of vaccinations which are given to people either voluntarily or involuntarily. A newborn baby will be required to undergo many different vaccinations in the first year of their life while more would be accorded as he or she grows older.

Lymphocytes Defence

The human immune system is a very smart system where it uses the lymphocytes against any foreign viruses. This is actually its defense army but it is only as good as what they are good at. This means that the reason why someone falls sick after contracting a certain virus is because the body has never been exposed to the specific virus.

In most cases, after the first successful attack by a new virus, the immune system will build a new set of army to overcome them. The main problem here is that if the virus is too strong and the immune system is not able to build the defense, then it could be very damaging and sometimes result in death.

Inject germs into body? yes..

Vaccinations are used to expedite this process. How this work is that instead of waiting for a virus or germ to attack the body which naturally will then create the new antibody, it injects the germ into the body. These germs are usually fermented and weakened where it cannot cause any damage to the body anymore.

This exposure will then automatically invoke the immune system to create the antibody. So when the germ attacks the body in the future, the defense army will be more than ready and equipped to protect the body against the virus. Therefore vaccinations are very useful and would be required especially with new viruses as in most cases; the body is not ready to face them.