How To Unblock Arteries With your own homemade Garlic, Ginger And Lemon mixture

How To Unblock Arteries With your own homemade Garlic, Ginger And Lemon mixture

Many people do not realize that staying healthy is actually quite easy and can be done at home. After all, no one likes to have a ‘heart bypass’ after years of eating unhealthily. This was what a man from London found out recently when he flew to Pakistan for a meeting and experienced severe chest pain. The early signs of heart attack usually comes this way.

For that, a ‘coronary artery bypass surgery’ would need to be carried out. In most cases, no one likes to have to go through such pains because by the time you realize you have this problem, it might just be too late.

The main issue here is that chest pains can be caused by blocked arteries and this comes from the hardening and thickening of the artery walls which might have been accumulated for many years. In most cases, this is due to the diet where you might be eating food that are too high in fats, cholesterol and processed sugar.

Take note that if your arteries are blocked, it restricts the blood flow to your heart and eventually, it will cause a stroke or heart attack. If you experience pain or discomfort in the chest, then those are early signs which must be addressed immediately.

One of the traditional remedies which are sometimes seen as preventive ones include a healthy diet and regular exercising. Reduce on food intake of processed food and take fiber-rich foods like vegetables and nuts. Avoid smoking or excessive drinking.

At home, you can use a traditional remedy using the following recipe,

1 cup of Lemon Juice

1 cup of ginger juice

1 cup of garlic juice and

1 cup of apple cider vinegar
Mix the ingredients together and boil them for about 30 minutes. Once the mixture cools down, mix them with 3 cups of natural honey and then put them into a glass bottle. Put the mixture in the fridge and have a tablespoon every morning before you have your breakfast. This will help to clear the blocked arteries in the short term, mostly in about a month’s time.

Do this regularly and you will find that you breathe easier and better. In fact, you could even be sleeping better in the long run because of the better air system within your body. If you have blocked arteries, this recipe could get you out of it very quickly.