The Ultimate guide to alternative and traditional healing

The Ultimate guide to alternative and traditional healing

As people become more health conscious, more and more are now taking supplements and modern medication for health benefits and reasons. In Malaysia, there are many culture and tradition which have been practiced for generations. The largest communities in Malaysia are the Malays, Chinese and Indians where they have their respective types of traditional methods that have been tested and proven to be effective. One has to be cautious about every practice as not every type of alternative healing works. This is where the patient should seek alternative healing only from authorized or licensed practitioners and not anyone who claims to be one.

Below are some of the most commonly practiced methods which have been proven effective.

Malay Traditions
– There are several types of herbs which have been known to have medicinal elements and used to complement several types of physical conditions

Urut – This means ‘massage’ where the Urut Melayu is among the most popular means of relaxing the muscles and joints to improve blood circulation in the body.

Indian Traditions
– the Individual is known as a microcosm of the universe where the body is made up of earth, water, fire, air and space primordial elements. Treatment of the Siddha medicine is to ensure the body-mind system is balanced.
Ayurvedice – This practice is based on the belief that the health of the person is dependent on the balance of the mind, spirit and body.

Unani – This type of medicine is based on the four humours namely, phlegm, blood, yellow and black bile where the balance of these 4 elements will affect the body’s wellness and health.

Chinese Traditions
– This is one of the most popular methods where fine filiform needles are inserted into certain points in the body for pain relief and better blood circulation. Acupuncture has been practiced for decades by the Chinese and has been known to be very effective.

Bekam – This type of practice is where cups are used to reduce air or pressure on the skin. It is known among other cultures as well apart from the Chinese tradition.

Herbs – There are many types of herbs which are used by the Chinese in healing as they are known to have medicinal values. These herbs are usually mixed in terms of their volume and then boiled as soup for consumption.

It has been reported that the use of traditional medicine have increased over the years where in 2013, it was recorded that more than 45,000 cases were treated at public health care facilities using traditional and complementary medicine methods.