This Miracle Ingredient (and a few others) can Clear Your Plaque And Whiten Your Teeth

Lung health and other risks are often associated with smokers but besides that, you will have to be concerned with the build-up of plaque on your teeth. In the long run, your teeth become yellowish and the stains seemed to be quite permanent. You will be encouraged to take foods like plums which can strengthen your bone and teeth but clearing the plaque will be a constant problem.

What causes dental plaque?

To know how to get rid of dental plaque, you need to know what it is and what causes it in the first place. When you eat or drink, bacteria and many types of microbes will inevitably enter your mouth. This will create acid in the food and drinks that contain sugar or carbs. They will be the ones responsible for damaging your tooth enamel and in the long-run causing decay. Besides that, plague can also occur under the gum and on the roots of your teeth which will then be difficult to treat.

On to the Miracle

All you need is 1 simple ingredient that will give your teeth its ‘natural bleach’ and it is none other than unrefined and edible coconut oil. One thing is for sure, the taste might not resonate well with you but that is nothing to worry about as you are not required to eat this. Coconut oil is a great alternative for toothpaste, which can be harmful to your teeth.

If you do not want to use coconut oil as toothpaste, just take 2 teaspoons of this ingredient and then swish it around your mouth. Do it for 5 minutes the way you do when rinsing. After that, spit the coconut oil out. That will give you an unpleasant feeling which is only natural. Do this once or twice per day preferably during your morning and bedtime brushes. Your teeth will become cleaner while the plaque will be gone because it is pulling out the bacteria from your mouth and most particularly on the teeth. This is the reason why it has been used for centuries in Ayurveda to eliminate acne, certain types of eczema and even bad breath.

What about other ways?

Besides this ‘miracle’ ingredient, there are other ways that you can remove dental plaque. It is crucial to know where to ask when it comes to dental health in Malaysia.  This include:

  • Standard hygiene – This is something that you do every day. Brush your teeth properly and remember to floss. Electrical toothbrushes are known to be more effective when it comes to removing plaque so you might want to consider investing in one. You must use mouthwash as well as it helps to reduce gingivitis.
  • Baking soda – When you brush your teeth, consider adding a bit of salt and baking soda. They are the most natural cleaners you can find.
  • Sesame seeds – When you take sesame seeds, you are creating a natural way of scrubbing your teeth. Try to chew on some sesame seeds before brushing.
  • Spicy food – Spicy food encourages saliva production which naturally cleanses particles that are forming around your teeth.
  • Vinegar – If you do not fancy bottled mouthwash, you could consider rinsing with vinegar. This might not taste very good but its natural ingredients can be very useful. Add a spoonful of salt and some water and gargle away!
  • Figs  – This is very good for your teeth where it is known to prevent the accumulation of bacteria organisms. Take them regularly and you will feel that your teeth is cleaner and stronger.
  • Vitamin C – This nutrient contains antimicrobial properties that naturally kill bacteria and subsequently remove plaque.