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Top 12 daily foods you’d never know that cause cancer

Top 12 daily foods you’d never know that cause cancer

The food that we eat each day makes a lot of difference especially when it comes to how the foods are being prepared and sold. Today, processed food is a lot more prevalent and people are taking these foods each day and will usually result in some serious health conditions.
The scariest health problem one would face would be cancer. After all, cancer is developed when you are doing something wrong for long periods of time, which will most likely happen if you are eating the wrong foods for too long. These days, cancer is almost linked to almost anything and it is not possible to positively point at the cause but we sure can reduce the risk. Below are some foods that cause cancer and you will notice that they are not that far away from your reach.

Microwave popcorn – A lot of people like to cook popcorn in the microwave because it is convenient and easy. If you do so, you are risking your liver, testicular and pancreas as there are carcinogenic chemicals in the microwave popcorn bags. The best method to eat popcorn is to use the traditional kernel popping machines.

Non-organic food – If you haven’t already knew, fruits and vegetables which are not organically produced DO contain pesticides and it is very likely to be connected to cancer. If you are taking lots of fruits and vegetables because they are good for you, think twice. Go for organic ones instead.

Tomatoes in cans – tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene which is supposed to lower the risk of cancer but if you are eating canned tomatoes, you could be in for some dangerous cancer risks as the lining could contain the damaging BPA.

Processed meats – This involves burgers, sausages and such. Meats that are processed are made with a lot of salt and chemicals. In fact, there are a lot of MSGs involved as well which everyone knows cannot be taken excessively.

Farm-raised salmon – In other words, manufactured salmons. The best is to take salmons that are fished out of the sea because farm-raised fish are exposed to a lot of chemicals and antibiotics, among others.

Potato chips – These snacks are among the deadliest as it causes weight gain while the high sodium contents will result in hypertension. Acrymalide is used which is commonly found in cigarettes.

Salty and smoked foods – Perhaps some of the most delicious foods around but they are usually processed with preservative nitrate which is commonly linked to risks of developing cancer. In fact, the smoked foods you consume have absorbed the smoke that has the same type of tar found in cigarettes and could lead to stomach or colorectal cancer.
Processed white flour – chemical-bleaching flour is known to kill its healthy nutrients as it contains chlorine gas. White flour has high glycemic rate and that could lead to high blood sugar and insulin levels in the body. If that does not give you cancer, it could give you diabetes.

GMO – Genetically modified foods are among the highest culprits known to cause cancer. This has already been studied and proven scientifically.

Refined sugars – Refined sugar contents like those used in high-fructose corn syrup is known to be one of the closest linked to cancer as it has already been founded that cancer cells love sugar.

Artificial sweeteners –Although artificial sweeteners are supposed to keep you healthier by reducing your intake of normal sugar, they actually do more damage. Factually, it does not help to reduce sugar intake as there is aspartame which is linked to causing problems like cataracts and convulsions. The DKP volume is linked to brain tumours as well.

Diet or Low-fat foods – believe it or not, the terms ‘diet’ and ‘low-fat’ has a channel that could lead to cancer. Whether it is an artificial sweetener or anything along that line, because they are not ‘real’ food, they have alien contents. Its best to go for natural and real food instead.