What are free radicals and how they affect aging?

What are free radicals and how they affect aging

Free radicals have often been linked with the issue of aging and have been one of the most influential agents in the area of health and wellbeing. While it continues to be discussed in all types of health forums, it is very important to know what they are and how they actually affect aging.
First, it must be known that free radicals can be found anywhere. These are the parties involved in the deterioration of things like degradation of artwork, fading of paint on walls and deterioration of plastics in the environment. If free radicals can cause so much change in the conditions of objects, the effects that can happen to the human body would be a lot more serious.

Free radicals are in the air and in the body. As such, they would naturally cause aging. This means that it will lead to diseases that are linked to aging like cancers and heart attacks. They are actually molecules with unpaired electrons which are constantly looking for another electron to be paired. In this process, the free radicals become more reactive which would then cause damage to the molecules surrounding them.

Free radicals are responsible for the process of oxidation which causes apple slices to turn brown and inflammation on the skin which was cut. As such, the body uses a certain technique to protect itself from this process through the role of antioxidants.

Nuts, fruits and vegetables are among the type of foods that are known for their antioxidants. Apart from that, legumes and whole grains are known for their high level of antioxidants too where they become the best defence of the body against oxidation.

When oxygen interacts with cells of any type, oxidation will happen which will then result in some sort of changes in the cell. Some of these cells will die which is why fruits can rot while on the skins, dead cells are then replaced with new ones. As such, it is pivotal for the body to be able to create new cells when old ones die or it could expose the body to other threats. When this happens, a cut is healed.

When the skin is unable to heal faster then it dies, aging occurs and that will lead to wrinkles and other skin related problems. As such, the body will need antioxidants to combat this problem to create smoother and shinier skin.