Effective Techniques to lose fats around the waist in 6 days


If you want a flat tummy and is working hard to achieve that, there is no need to spend thousands or hundreds on exercising or fitness programmes. All you need is to do the following and see a slimmer belly in a week!

Cut the CRAP – This refers to Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Alcohol, Processed delicacies. If you haven’t already know, all those listed are known to be the main culprits that can cause a bloated belly. Besides that, they are known to have some negative effects to your health as well.

Sodium – Otherwise known as salt. While you cannot avoid taking salt in totality, you can control the amount you take. Salt will retain fluid within your body and when that happens, it will only create more fats. Microwave meals are known to be extremely high with sodium. Instead of making your meals this way, opt for a chicken salad or a sandwich instead.

Low-Carb – This diet is extremely effective. By taking eggs and protein-loaded foods for breakfast and perhaps a cucumber or tow, you get all the nutrients you need. If you really need to add some carbs, go for brown sugar in your coffee.

Dairy Products and Milk – This is quite commonly used for breakfasts but you should try and minimize them. For those people who are lactose intolerant, the body is unable to break down sugar commonly found in milk and that will only lead to bloating and gases that eventually create more bulge in your tummy areas.

Choose The Right Fruits – Not all fruits are good in terms of reducing fats. You should eat more fruits that can help to regulate glucose and fructose. This is where you should take bananas while berries and citrus fruits are effective in this as well. You can take other fruits like apples and honeydey although they are known to contain much more fructose in which your stomach might not be able to digest efficiently.

Spicy Food – When you eat spicy food, it will encourage release of acid that will then cause irritation in your stomach. This will only slow down the process of burning fats in your belly.

If you do all that together, coupled with simple exercises like walking after a meal, you will notice an amazing change in your belly for sure.