Massage these spot on your feet and see the miracles happen


It has been said and reported that certain parts of your body can tell you how unhealthy you are. For instance, your face can tell you what is wrong with your vital organs. Your feet and hands have thousands of nerve endings and they are among the parts that can stimulate your body in entirely.

For anyone who is health-conscious, the idea of foot reflexology will resonate very well and it has been proven to be extremely good for health particularly for blood circulation. This involves stimulating your body to achieve balance and healing. In reflexology, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Better blood circulation especially for your kidneys, intestines and your digestive system. This is very good if you have kidney problems.
  2. Better relaxation where it helps to reduce and regulate your blood pressure
  3. Reduced pain and aches stemmed from problems like diabetes, kidney stones and such
  4. Reduced pain resulting from joints and muscle-related conditions like arthritis and rheumatism

While it might not be extremely convenient to visit the reflexologist every day, you can carry out your own home massage on your feet. You should focus on the following areas:

Your Big Toe – Massage both your big toes regularly. This will help to promote better appetite cycles. Do this with exercises and you will notice that your cravings for food are more balanced and regulated. As a result, it can lead to better weight management.

Big Toe Base – Massaging this area will improve your thyroid glands. If you are experiencing stress and tension, stimulate this point where it helps your body to relax holisticially.

Centre of your foot – This part is directly associated with your diaphragm and it helps to relax your body, particularly from tiredness and stress.

Inner edges – Stimulate these areas and you will experience improvements in your adrenal gland that can help your body to produce energy better.

Around the Heels – By massaging the areas close to your heels, you will stimulate the excretory system in which harmful toxins can be channelled out of your body more efficiently.

Large Thumb – Focus on the middle part of this part and it will promote your hormone gland which is an effective technique to cure hormonal imbalance.