This simple exercise will solve your poor body posture problem for good


Maintaining a good posture is not only about sitting and standing up straight, it includes proper exercise as well. From an early age, your parents and teachers would have ‘taught’ you on the importance of having good posture but this is usually easier said than done.

If you hunch too much, it could have some negative consequences when you grow old. As people are leading fast-paced lifestyle and spending more hours working on the computer that can strain the eyes, there is lacking in emphasizing on the back. As such, you should build on certain workout practices that can enhance your back muscles or they will only deteriorate over time.

Here’s what you can do:

First, lie down on your stomach. Your face should be looking on the ground and then lift the front part of your body. This is where you want to move your head up. Do this steadily and very slowly!

While doing so, maintain both your arms on the side of your hips and do not move them at all. Then, move back to the original position that you were in when you started. After 3 seconds, repeat the process and do this for about 10 minutes for 10 times. If this is your first time doing this, it should be enough. Then, repeat this every day and add more frequency. By doing this, you build up on your leg and back muscles. In the middle to long-term your back will start to straighten and reduces your risk of poor posture tremendously before it leads to problems like arthritis and such.