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15-year study claims bras actually make breasts sag more

In a recent report that was published after a 15-year study, it was found that wearing bras might actually be more harmful than expected. The study made a startling statement when it concluded that it actually results in more sagging, among other things. This might be dispelling a lot of so-called ‘facts’ of wearing a bra because it was previously known to reduce back pain and strengthens the muscles that hold up the breasts. With the new study, it changes everything although it might not go well with major bra manufacturers and even the novelty ones.

The conclusion from the preliminary results of the study by sports science expert Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from a university in France found that the bra is actually a ‘false necessity’. His statement was clear and outright when he said that the breast gain ‘no benefit’ from being denied gravity and this is in all medical, physiology and anatomy terms.

He then went on to say that on a contrary, the breasts actually get saggier when a bra is used. For centuries, bras have been used for all types of purposes apart from being known to hold up the breasts. There are those that are designed to be sexual, designed particularly for sports and even for breastfeeding mothers. It has always been form or function and even form with function but this study will surely change everything if it is acknowledged and fully authenticated. But even if it is scientifically proven, perhaps the bra could still serve other ‘purposes’.