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Breastfeeding can improve child’s intelligence in later stages

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If you are an expecting mother or parent, you would most likely have heard and know by now of the benefits and advantages of breastfeeding. In fact, your gynecologist would have educated you on why you should breastfeed your child after delivery.
Among the most talked about benefits of breastfeeding is strong immune system which means that child will not fall sick too easily in the early years as it might be quite distressing.

In a recent study, it was found that the child could be more intelligent later in life if they are breastfed for a longer term. The study showed that breastfeeding in the infancy years will lead to better cognitive development later in life. However, this depends largely on how long the infant is breastfed which makes a whole lot of difference.

It was found that breast milk contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which has been promoted even by formula milk producers. Fish intake during lactation is known to be an excellent source of this as well.

Breast milk contains n-3 fatty acid DHA which is an important agent that develops the brain and this nutrient is among those that can be found. This means that the mother’s diet will play an important role during pregnancy in which she should take more fish as they are a rich source of DHA and hence, milk produced for the child will be rich with this nutrient as well thereby increasing the mental performance of the child, especially when they are in the later stages of childhood.