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Teens playing violent video games have lesser self-control

Computer games are no longer a thing of the past. Children today spend hours on the computer or on their mobile devices playing games either with the system or with others through the internet. Teenagers are no longer climbing trees onto their treehouses or jumping into rivers for a swim with their friends.

Instead, they venture into a whole new world of gore and violence of games that offer all types of satisfaction.

The next time you allow your child to play a violent game, think twice. This is because recent studies have shown that teenagers who play violent games would experience increased aggression and are more likely to cheat and more alarmingly could experience lower self-control as well apart from the fact that they might be losing sleep and possibly skin problems like acne(which is common among teenagers).

The group of high school students who were analyzed took part in a series of experiments to discover how violent games are affecting their personalities where there were some very interesting findings.

They were required to play a non-violent or a violent video game with a 100g chocolate bowl being placed next to them. There were no restrictions on how much chocolate they want to eat although they were warned that it is unhealthy to do so.

The results of the experiment showed that those who were playing the violent games were 3 times more prone to eating the chocolate than those who played the non-violent games among other tests. Violent games are a dime a dozen these days so when you decide to buy the next ‘Grand Theft Auto’, perhaps ‘Mini Golf 3D’ might be a better choice.