Why you should STOP eating MAGGIE MEE now!

Why you should STOP eating MAGGIE MEE now

In Asian countries, instant noodles are among the most taken foods. In Malaysia, Maggi Mee is one of the top brands enjoyed by Malaysians from all walks of life. You can cook your own Maggi Mee or order them from the local mamak shop where the Maggi Mee Goreng is usually the top in their list of offerings.

Besides being a type of processed food, instant noodles are known to have high contents of MSG which is why it can be very bad for health when you take too much of this. In fact, health advisers have constantly discourage anyone from taking any instant noodles at all.

In a recent study, it was found that there are some negative effects in the digestive tract after someone consume instant noodles. Here are some of what was discovered.

Digestion – In the study using ramen noodles, it was found that they continue to stay the same way in the stomach after 2 hours. This means that the food was not broken down properly.

TBHQ – Instant noodles contain TBHQ or tertiary-butyl hydroquinone. This is more fondly known as toxin and hence, should not be allowed to stay in the body at any time. In fact, TBHQ is usually included in chicken nuggets, frozen pizza and many other processed foods.

The 2 factors mentioned would be enough to put anyone off from taking any form of instant noodles. To be clear, you would not want to keep any foods in your stomach after consuming because you want your food to be put to good use. To make matters worse, putting food in your stomach which contain any form of toxin will only lead to more serious conditions.

Furthermore, Maggi Mee Goreng is a favourite food taken by Malaysians for supper which is one of the worst habits causing fat in the belly, among others.