Cameron Organic Produce

Cameron Organic has grown from its humble beginning as an organic farm under the Sustainable Farming initiative of Malaysia back in 1997.

When Cameron Organic started, they only had 20 types of organic vegetables. Since then, it has grown to offer more than 50 different types today. With more than 15 years of experience and organic planting knowledge from Japan, Cameron Organic has grown to become one of the established names in this industry.

You can now enjoy the cool weathers of Cameron Highlands while checking out how the organic products are grown and cultivated.

Why Organic produce

Organic produce are products which are produced without using artificial chemicals. This is because while farm produce like vegetables and greens are nutritious it is said to be counter-effective if pesticides and chemical are used to fertilize them. Therefore an alternative farming method needed to be created in order to do away with such process.

The process of planting organic produce include composting, mulching, intercropping (or also known as mixed cropping), rotating of crops, green manuring as well was the construction of the fertility of the soil and conservation of water. It also involves using biological methods instead of the conventional pesticides spraying to get rid of pests and weeds.

History of Cameron Organic

The Cameron Organic Produce is the brainchild of 5 visionary individuals namely Wong Foo Choon, Chong Siak Choy, Chay Yee Yong, Ng Kok Weng and Lee One Sing who took the road less travelled when they came up with the idea of an organic farm produce. This is because of all places, they decided to go organic in Cameron Highlands which is very much renowned for its natural farms produce due to its perfect and cooling weather.

The five began their venture anyhow with the firm belief that the future is bright for people who do not like to have pesticides and chemicals in their food. It is a constant challenge for Cameron Organic Produce to continue operations because it is a new venture and it takes time to establish and to get the reception from the customers. Ng who nearly became a school teacher and the other four started their work on a 10 acres of farm acreage and began their plan. They now produce about 20 types of produce while they have started to plan for another organic vegetable farm in Sungkai in Perak.

Since then, they have been actively promoting organic produce where they supply to more than 150 families in nearby cities and towns as well as donating to charities. The five have also been ‘educating’ the people by holding dialogues and discussions with farmers. The five will meet every 10 days to touch base and keep tap with new findings, advancements and updates on their vegetation.

Organic vegetables Distribution

We currently distribute our farm produce to many major parts of the country where our network include supplying to towns like Ipoh and many more in the Klang Valley. Our customers include restaurants, hypermarkets, wholesalers, distributors, markets and many more. As we are one of the few organic farmers in the country, we welcome enquiries for supply of our produce as well as business partnerships.

More than 50 types of Organic Products

Started with only about 20 types of organic vegetables, we have already expanded our product line to more than 50 types of common vegetables all of which are fully organic, fresh, nutritious and high quality. We are the preferred supplier among many markets for producing exceptional organic vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lady’s finger, pumpkin, carrots, cherry tomato, beans, peas, zucchini, chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, parsley and leak among many others.

Organic farming

Organic farming involves the whole process of planting vegetation using safe and non-chemical material. Contrary to some theory, it produces safe and nutritious food because it is planted and nurtured using a systematic approach as well as adopting the most effective ways. Organic farming prevents soil pollution as it reduces chemical reactions in the soil.

Contrary to other more common methods of farming, especially in Cameron Highlands where farmers are heavily dependent on chemical pesticides, organic farming practice otherwise. This is as environmental friendly as it gets. This is because no chemicals are used and it recycles by-products that can be commonly sourced in the home like kitchen waste, tree leaves, rice husks and such.

The organic farming process has very much to do with management of the biological eco-system like that of the pest and its predator while using natural gas like nitrogen fixation rather than the conventional chemical ways.

Visiting and experiencing organic farm

We believe that by knowing how organic farming is done, you will be convinced that organic food is surely a good option in the future and then the world will be a safer, cleaner and healthier place to live in. And this is where we are certain of our efforts and we will be more than happy to give our customers a real life education on organic farming.

Just come by to our farm and you will be ferried into a whole new world of vegetables planting. This is where you will not smell the pesticides or chemical materials usually associated with farming. This is because we preserve the pest vs predator system. Our personnel here will be happy to walk you around our farm to explain to you how our eco-system works. The fact that we are able to have fishes in our ponds is living proof that organic farming is harmless and instead promotes natural living.

We have also purchased and reared our own ‘predators’ like spiders which are the natural agents acting as pesticides. Come and visit us for a tour, you will be amazed on how our entire vegetation produce life-cycle works and by the end of the visit, you will be certain that there is actually a healthier way for food, vegetation and for living.

Location Map

We are situated very strategically in the heart of Brinchang town where you will be able to find us along Jalan Besar Brinchang. Otherwise you can check with the locals there and they will direct you to us. Click on the map below for information on how to find us.

Organic Steamboat restaurant

The first organic steamboat restaurant in Malaysia, the Cameron Organic Steamboat is revolutionary as well as unique because we are highly recommended not only from Jason of Astro but also from our customers who always come back for more. Being only the few who offer organic steamboat, we provide the highest organic vegetables in our food servings.

In fact, we offer the freshest vegetables and our organic food are certified for authenticity and quality. Our restaurant is so popular that we have been featured on Astro in the programme ‘Taste with Jason’ which received overwhelming response. We are renowned for our fresh food that comes direct from our farms.

The steamboat restaurant has been operating since 1999 and its food are fresh, nutritious and organic. What better ways to enjoy a meal of steamboat (and a very healthy one) in the cool weathers of Cameron Highlands. Come in and enjoy our wide variety of vegetables, sea food and many others. We also have a range of soup for you to enjoy namely Tom-Yam Soup, Chicken Soup, Herbal Soup and others. If you like you can order other side dishes like butter prawns, ginger stewed chicken, fried mixed mushrooms among many others. Our operating hours are from 11.00am to 3.00pm and 5.30pm to 11.00pm. Do make reservations early if you are here for dinner as it is very packed in the evenings.