Family Doctors and General Practitioners in Malaysia

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When you are not feeling well, the common notion is to ‘see a doctor’. What you are actually referring to is to consult a family doctor which is more commonly known as ‘General Practitioners’ or GP in short. What this is referred to are basically doctors who are able to treat general illness like flu, sore throat, minor problems like joint pains and diarrhoea and other types of indigestion.

Top General Practitioners in Klang Valley

Family medicine is basically a branch of healthcare which deals with the total healthcare for you and your family members. They are sometimes called family physicians where they are trained specialists in diagnosing and treating of different types of conditions for children, adults and old people. Some of the GPs are more specialized than others while most of them are able to treat most kind of illnesses. In a situation where a second opinion is needed or when there is a need for specialist treatment, the GP will issue a letter which will recommend you into a hospital or a medical centre.

In Malaysia, the practice of GPs is slightly different from other countries. They are usually the specialists who will prescribe the right medicine for the illness you are having and then dispensing them through their practice. Most hospitals in Malaysia have their own team of GPs and family doctors while there are clinics that offer such services as well.

Dato’ Dr. Vijaya Sangkar Jaganathan

Dr Vijaya is a GP with Pantai Hospital in Kuala Lumpur in Bangsar. He is involved with many types of treatment where he has patients with common illnesses as well as more serious conditions like cancer and tumors. He has previously carried out procedures like chemotherapy, immunotherapy, stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant.

Dr. S. S. Gill

Dr Gill is another family doctor attached with Pantai Hospital. His specialty includes kidney diseases where he is experienced in hemodialysis treatment, among others. Dr Gill is quite an established doctor who is member of the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh 1963 and the founder of the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia where he is the first Malaysian doctor to be awarded the Lederle Medical Fellowship from the United States.

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Dr. Mohan Mahatheva

Dr Mohan is a qualified GP attached with Klinik Prime has worked as a medical officer in Kuala Lipis before becoming a GP in Tanjung Bungah in Penang.

Dr. Selvarajah Sathaya

Graduated from Madras Medical College, Dr Selvarajah is a GP with Klnik Prime who has been offering this service since 1990.

Datuk Dr. Tan Sri Kandiah Ampikaipakan

Dr Kandiah specializes in family and general practice. Attached with Pantai Hospital, he is one of the most experienced doctors in Malaysia who has previously carried out procedures like Bronchoscopy, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) treatment and many others. Dr Kandiah is trained at the Royal Brompton Hospital where he is a member of the Academy of Medicine in Malaysia as well as the Malaysian Thoracic Society.

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Dr. Wong Chin Yuan

Attached with Sunway Medical Centre, Dr Wong is trained in Obstetrics & Gynecology who has treated patients with various types of illnesses including ovarian cancer, tumors and uterine fibroids. He had carried out many types of procedures like gynecological cancers surgery, laser vaginal surgery, targeted therapies and endometrial ablation.

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