Laser Eye Surgery in Malaysia

malaysia lasik

Anyone who wears spectacles would surely have heard of the term LASIK which means Laser-Assisted in Situ Kertomileusis. This simply refers to laser eye surgery where it is one of the latest and most popular surgeries in recent years.

This is actually a refractive surgery is carried out to correct the eyesight of the patient which means that if one is wearing prescription glasses, this surgery will mean he will no longer be needing them anymore. In Malaysia, this type of procedures has been around for almost 20 years now and it has since developed with modern technology and equipment.

Today, LASIK services are widely available around the country and are now more affordable and accessible. Although LASIK has become very popular, it must be noted that there could be possible complications and side effects like over and under correction, high-order aberrations and double vision which could occur. This is only a small number of many other side effects that might happen because the situation is different among individuals. As such, post surgery rehabilitation is very important because it ensures that the eyes are able to accommodate its new condition especially after years of using prescriptive glasses. –

Types of conditios that can apply LASIK

Eyesight problems vary among everyone. Depending on the extent of the situation and condition, LASIK can correct the situation. Among them include:

Myopia – This condition is known as short-sightedness and is among the most common type of problems faced by people today. People who are short-sighted would need glasses in order to see further with no problems focusing on close objects. In Malaysia, people with Myopia are among the most likely to go for LASIK.

Presbyopia or Hypermetropia – This condition is known as long-sightedness which is the opposite of Myopia where the patient is unable to focus on close objects and read books which will then required them to use glasses. Presbyopia is most common among those who are above 40 years old and while laser eye surgery can correct the situation, it might not be common. –

Influencing Factors

Cost – Going for laser eye surgery might not be everyone’s cup of tea because apart from the procedure, some might not be too comfortable with the costing. Depending on the type of treatment recommended by the doctor, the prices of this treatment will vary accordingly.

Location – As far as locations are concerned, laser eye surgery is available in most major towns and cities like Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Penang.

Lasik Centres in Malaysia

As more and more people are aware of laser eye surgery, major hospitals and medical centres today are offering these services while there are specialized LASIK centres which provides a full spectrum of services that start from consultation, advice, recommendation to carrying out the actual procedure and rehabilitation.

This includes the likes of the International Specialist Eye Centre (ISEC Malaysia) in Kuala Lumpur, the Optimax Eye Specialist Centre, Vista Eye Specialist which is one of the very popular names in this field and the Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital which is one of the most renowned eye hospitals in the country.