COVID-19 – Changes to personal protection after a year?

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard in March 2020 with the announcement of borders closing, national lockdowns and other extreme measures to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Some countries were proactive, others reactive and some were just slow to take action. It has been more than a year since then and where has that brought us?

Some changed and some have not

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have become the norm in most societies. Social distancing is no longer a new word because it is practiced everywhere we go. Governments have implemented all types of measures, took action that invited criticisms and has been ridiculed even. New measures have been drawn out and still there is no end in sight to the situation.  But one thing for sure, what you have been practicing in the last 1 year might not be the same anymore. A year after changing the way we live, here is something you should be doing now.

More protection for your face

Single or dual-layer face masks will no longer be enough to protect you from COVID-19. You should be using a minimum of a 3-ply face mask. The more the better. The N95 masks would surely be good but they are too costly to use on a daily basis. If you are using a 3-ply mask, that is good but you need now to double up. This is because studies have shown that a standard face mask will only give you up to 60% protection. Use an additional layer over it.

Face visors are not enough

A lot of people are going around with face visors as they cover the entire face (including your eyes). Even if you are using a face visor, you need to wear a mask underneath. No matter what type of visor you use, it is not sufficient and in Malaysia, you can be fined if you do not have a mask under the visor.

Hand sanitizers and hand wash

It has become a common practice to use hand sanitizers everywhere you go. You do this before you enter any place or when you leave, after making payment or whenever you feel like it because you bring one with you. While this is a good practice, too much use of hand sanitizers might damage your skin too. Hence, it is also advised that you use water and soap to wash your hands if you want to keep them clean at all times.

Contact tracing App

The use of the contact tracing app is to ensure the authorities have data about high-risk people in locations. It is about you and where you have been as well as to inform you if there is anyone around your location who is high risk. You have to scan in wherever you go and do this as a practice. If you are caught not doing so by the authorities, you could be fined anyway.