Top Medical Cards in Malaysia

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Medical cards make medical sense. Choose the best one for you.

What should you look for in a medical card

When it comes to buying a medical card, high premiums do not guarantee you have the best and most comprehensive. Depending on which company you are buying your premium from, they come with different sets of benefits. However, you should take note of the following:

Treatment for cancer

Cancer remains one of the highest killer diseases in Malaysia. As such, treatment for cancer is among the most expensive and sophisticated. Your medical card should have a comprehensive cover for outpatient cancer treatment. Make sure that your insurance company explains this in detail to you because regular cancer treatment is sometimes not covered in certain medical cards. This, of course, does not mean you should disregard treatment for other diseases such as hemodialysis, physiotherapy and such.

The network of panel hospitals

A lot of insurance policy holders are not aware that not all medical cards cover all the hospitals. Agents sometimes mention the panels that the holder knows like the really popular ones. But what you should be really looking at is whether the medical card covers the hospitals that you have access to. This includes those that are near to your home or those that you have previously been treated at. On top of that, look at medical treatment if you travel overseas (in your job or leisure).

Reimbursement for treatments

One factor that you must really look into is the coverage of costs involved in treatments and surgeries. A medical card does not usually cover the complete cots. Depending on the premium you are paying, it might just cover certain areas while some are cost-sharing (which means you have to top up). A medical card that has full reimbursement for certain types of procedures and surgeries would be a better option than that of the cost-sharing types.

An acceptable insurance limit

While you are paying your premium to help pay for medical bills, they usually come with some form of insurance limit. This refers to the amount you will get from the insurance company to cover any loss. In most cases, the insurance limit is not very high with medical cards, but you should find one that gives you the most you can afford. Take note of the difference they give out between the lifetime and annual limits respectively.

Medical Cards offered by Insurance Companies in Malaysia

Prudential PRUhealth
Offered by one of the oldest and most top life insurance provider in Malaysia, the Prudential PRUhealth gives you the peace of mind when you need medical services and even when you are traveling overseas.

Zurich MedicaGen 200
There are several hospitalization plans offered by Zurich under the Zurich MedicaGen 200 medical card. Each plan comes with different offerings and limits and is renewable up to 75 years old if necessary.

Berjaya Sompo B-Health Major
Offered by Berjaya Group together with Sompo, this medical card is one of the most popular choices in the market today. You can choose the amount of coverage that includes a full range of other outpatient benefits where premium starts from RM100 per month. Depending on whether you are in the low, medium or a high-risk group, the premiums and charges will vary.

Tokio Marine Medic Plus
The Tokio Marine Medic Plus is the medical card service offered by Tokio Marine where it is designed to help you in the time of medical need. The premium for this card starts from as low as RM118 per month with room and board charges of up to RM500 per night.

Kurnia MediGUARD Express
This medical card allows you to get easy admission to the panel hospitals under the Kurnia network without any co-insurance or deposit of any kind. It can be applied by anyone up to 65 years of age.

Hong Leong Assurance Premier HB Deluxe
Operated by the Hong Leong Group, you enjoy a complete protection in terms of medical services. Comparatively, the premium is slightly higher.

Allianz EB MediShield Plus
The Allianz EB MediShield Plus is your choice of medical card which will give you the assurance should you need any medical services. Among the features of this card includes zero deductibles once you have reached your retirement age.

Great Eastern Smart Medic
Offered by one of the top insurance companies in Malaysia, the Great Eastern Smart Medic is your ideal choice which comes with investment-linked insurance plans as well. Premiums vary according to your age and income with a lifetime limit of up to RM2million.

Lonpac Care Plus
The Lonpac Care Plus is perhaps one of the few medical cards offered by independently run insurance companies. You can enjoy medical coverage until you are 70 years of age as well as an additional 10% premium discount when you cover your family into your policy.

ACE Jerneh Crystal Sihat
The ACE Jerneh Crystal Sihat medical card gives you the peace of mind which covers outpatient treatment and hospital admissions without any hassle. Premium varies according to your income and affordability which comes with a full range of medical benefits.

Tune Insurance Sihat
The Sihat Malaysia card is offered by Tune Insurance which is part of the Air Asia group where you can use it at any healthcare providers under its panel list. Besides the 24-hour availability of services, there are discount benefits for your family as well.

AIA A-Plus Med
The AIA A-Plus Med is offered by AIA, one of the most established insurance companies in the world. This card gives you coverage until 100 where applicable and even non-claim bonus of 5% on your annual limit ever 2 years.

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