Four types of cancer makes up 20 top killers in Malaysia

Four types of cancer makes up 20 top killers in Malaysia

Cancer is a known disease in the world. As a general term, it is the highest top killer in the world today collectively. This is one figure that can be accumulated from the different known cancers that have plagued the world and is continuing to become a problem and most feared disease.
In Malaysia, cancer constitutes the highest killer levels. Lung cancer is the seventh top killer while 5 other types of cancers are in the top 20. Colon-rectum cancer is the eleventh with 2,356 deaths reported in 2010. Meanwhile, the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth top killers in Malaysia as recorded by the World Health Organisation are caused by breast cancer, oral and stomach cancer respectively. Liver cancer is the nineteenth top killer in Malaysia that year with a total of 1,154 deaths reported.

Colon cancer is when there is uncontrolled cell growth in the colon or rectum parts. This is mainly resulted from the lifestyle of the person which is mostly related to food intake and excessive alcohol consumption. The best way to minimize the risk of colon cancer is to watch the diet and to ensure that food intake is at the healthy levels.

Breast cancer meanwhile is associated with the milk ducts or the lobules which supply the ducts with milk which is why this type of cancer is commonly linked with women. However, it must be noted that breast cancer can happen to men as well.

Oral cancer is sometimes known as mouth cancer and is actually a type of head and neck cancer. This is when unusual cells start growing around the oral cavity areas and would commonly involve the tongue. The other type of cancer in the top 20 killers in Malaysia is stomach cancer which is when cancer cells start growing around the stomach and its related parts. This is sometimes known as gastric cancer.

Regardless of which type of cancer, the rule of thumb to avoid contracting this disease is to maintain a healthy lifestyle always. There are many signs that one might have cancer of any kind which could be caused by an unhealthy diet or even hereditary, hence working out to minimize the risk would be the best practice like constantly jogging, walking or even yoga. Otherwise, ensure that the food intake is high on fiber and minimize on food that needs a lot of processing like meat and such.