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Known in laymen terms as piles, hemorrhoids is known to affect both men and women. Although hemorrhoids affect a large segment of the population, it can be easily treated with pharmacy medication and through simple changes in the lifestyle. Hemorrhoids would happen when the veins in the anus become inflamed or swollen due to straining from bowel movements or pressure inflicted at one time or another.

Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone. Women face it when there is too much pressure during pregnancy on the bowel areas while men tend to face it due to excessive sweating and other factors. In some cases, it could involve small amounts of bleeding while itching and pain are common problems faced by people with this problem. Meanwhile, swelling is another sign that you might have hemorrhoids while it could cause leakage of feces which would need further medical treatment.

Several factors contribute to hemorrhoids which will determine how you can prevent it from happening. Home treatment can be used for mild itch or pain like hemorrhoid cream or a warm bath. The skin around the anus must always be kept clean and where possible try not to use dry or coarse toilet paper. Fiber foods will help in reducing the risk of this problem while drinking lots of water helps as well. Where possible, you should avoid sitting for long periods of time and take supplements that help in skin health.

You know it is more serious than it seems if you notice blood coming out of your anus. If it is not hemorrhoids, it could be something else. The doctor will then carry out a physical examination that includes using medication to sort out the swelling.

In most countries, hemorrhoids are quite a common problem which is why many have not been reported. Latest statistics has shown that about 3 to 4% of the people in the US have hemorrhoids while it is a lot higher in Asian countries like India, China and Southeast Asia where diet is known to be spicier and people sweat more due to the warmer climate which are 2 of the biggest attributes that cause skin diseases like hemorrhoids.

Having hemorrhoids can be a very painful experience. In most cases, the doctor you see on regularly like you family physician will be well-equipped to advise you on how serious your hemorrhoids are. If it is mild, the doctor will be able to treat you with the right medication and advise you on how you should change your lifestyle. However, if the condition is more serious than it seems, then your doctor will need to refer your case to a specialist and this would include someone like a gastroenterologist or you might require Hemorrhoid Removal surgery or Hemorrhoidectomy by a qualified surgeon in the colon and rectal areas.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids can be very straightforward and you can tell how serious it could be. If you feel itching around the anus or rectal area, then it would be an early sign of this condition. However, pain around the anus and pain during discharge would almost certainly mean you have hemorrhoids. Other signs include lumps around or near the anus area while more serious conditions include blood in the stool where you must have it checked immediately. Your doctor will be able to ascertain if you have hemorrhoids using a lubricated gloved finger or an anoscope.

Hemorrhoids is a treatable condition and if you make some changes to your lifestyle, you would most likely be able to recover from this painful experience. Your doctor will usually recommend some form of creams that can bought over-the-counter. Most of these ointments come with hydrocortisone which is used as anti-itching and pain relievers but if the condition does not improve after using this, then you must look for other medication methods like rubber-band litigation and even injection if needed. Meanwhile, another modern method is by use of coagulation while in more serious cases, surgery might be required.

Home remedies
At home, you can try to minimize the awful experience when going through hemorrhoids. While you can try to dab witch hazel around the anus areas, it might be challenging as you can only feel your way around your anus. Meanwhile, you can use petroleum jelly and apply this inside the anus so that bowel movements will not invoke further pain and discomfort. Avoid sitting for too long while resting. This is to avoid applying pressure on the anus and the inflammation. As hemorrhoids might cause the anus to itch, you will need to try and resist scratching which will only worsen the condition.