Leukemia – Malaysia’s top 18th killer from the bones

Leukemia – Malaysia’s top 18th killer from the bones

Leukemia is perhaps one of the most recognized words in the disease and health environments. This is because Leukemia has taken the lives of many people around the world for decades now. In Malaysia, it is placed as the eighteenth highest killer in 2010 as recorded by the World Health Organisation.

That year, Leukemia took the lives of 1,162 people or 1.14% of the total deaths in Malaysia and this disease continue to be one of the most feared health problems in Malaysia today. In a certain context, leukemia is a type of cancer although it is often regarded as an independent type of disease in itself.

What actually happens in Leukemia is that the person experiences an abnormal increase of white blood cells in the body. This is sometimes referred to as ‘blasts’ in which it could lead to many different types of problems. One of the positive factors that can be drawn from this disease is that it can be treated especially if it is detected early.

Leukemia is actually a broad term that encompasses different types of diseases. This is where the problem could stem from the blood, the lymphoid system and more commonly the bone marrow. Treating leukemia is quite similar to cancer that includes chemotherapy, medical radiation therapy and the bone marrow transplant.

The biggest problem with leukemia is that there is no single cause and is usually linked with hereditary causes. This disease is the result of the DNA mutation while there are certain viruses that were related to this disease.

As there is no actual cause to leukemia, it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact method to minimize the risk. However, it is often advised that diet and food intake be observed and lifestyle should be regulated. In countries like Malaysia, the common person is exposed to all types of viruses which are found in the air while many would be susceptible to many different types of sickness. Therefore, it is vital to practice a healthy lifestyle with an appropriate fitness regime.

On top of that, smoking and excessive alcohol should be minimized while ensuring that food is high on the diet pyramid with lots of fruits and vegetables. Intake of fast and manufactured food should be minimized as well while foods with high contain of calcium and bone health element should be maintained at all times. This will ensure the optimum levels of bone health and strength to reduce risk of any complications that could lead to leukemia.