The most important supplements during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to be very careful about their diet as they need to supply the right type of minerals for the growing embryo. In most cases, the gynecologist will prescribe standard medication which will aid the baby’s growth while the mother must be aware not to take food which might be damaging and disrupt the progress.

The most obvious type of intake which must be refrained would be smoking and alcohol while drug abuse would be extremely damaging as well. In light of this, mothers should take certain types of product supplements which are highly beneficial for both themselves and the baby. The most important practice for the mother is to eat at regular hours, ensuring that the body is constantly hydrated with fiber-rich food.

Vitamin D – This is one of the most common types of supplements that pregnant ladies should take. Vitamin D will enable your body to maintain the levels of calcium and phosphorus which are very important in the building up of your baby’s bones and teeth. Ensure that you are taking sufficient volume of Vitamin D in your diet and if that is not enough, take supplements. Deficiency in Vitamin D will result in deformities in the baby which means this is an extremely important mineral for you.

Folic Acid – This is one type of mineral which is always prescribed by your gynecologist. You should be taking 400mg of folic acid every day where it is available in tablet form. In fact, folic acid can be taken before pregnancy and should be continued through the first trimester. Greens and brown rice are known to be rich source of folate, which is folic acid in its natural form.

Iron – A pregnant woman needs a lot of energy throughout the day. If you feel very tired all the time, it might lead to anemia which is the result of iron deficiency. Iron is very commonly sourced from lean meat and green vegetables while nuts and dried fruit are known to have high contents of iron as well. However, a lot of pregnant do not like to eat a lot of meat which is where you should take iron supplements.

Vitamin C – This is one mineral that should be taken by anyone which can strengthen your immune system. When you are pregnant, you do not want to fall sick easily as it could be harmful to the baby. Vitamin C can be sourced from fruits and vegetables while taking Vitamin C supplements will ensure that your body is well hydrated and strong at all times.

Calcium – In most cases, you will be encouraged to drink lots of milk during pregnancy. There is specially-formulated milk for pregnant women who will get a lot of calcium for both the mother and the baby. However, if you do not like the taste of milk, you can take supplements as it is an important mineral that facilitates bones and teeth growth.

Probiotics – This is the type of friendly bacteria that your body will need so that the food you eat can be broken down and digested in order to be fully absorbed into the body and through the blood stream. This is very crucial especially if you are consuming meat during pregnancy where you would not want to experience any form of indigestion. Probiotics will help to provide energy into your cells that will activate within the intestines so that blood circulation can be regulated which is very healthy for the baby. Yoghurt and soya are known to have high volumes of probiotics while you should consider taking supplements which will supply the sufficient volume that your body needs which will in turn benefit the baby as well.