The most needed supplements for Women

Women need a variety of minerals and nutrients each day for several reasons. General health will surely be the major priority while the woman’s body needs certain supplies of minerals for the skin, anti-aging and dietary reasons. Apart from that, aging women who might be facing menopause would need special supplements while pregnant women must take folic acid to facilitate better growth of the babies.

Today’s women are very different from the past generations where they are now more outgoing and career-oriented. As such, diet becomes a problem where healthy food is often sacrificed for faster, manufactured and unhealthy choices. As such, women might be facing a lot of challenges to stay healthy and this can only be achieved by taking supplements.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – This is one type of mineral that the body needs each day which is known to build a strong immune system. The most common source of omega-3 fatty acids are from fish oil and flax oil. Fish oil is quite commonly offered by most supplement producers which is used to facilitate better blood and heart health. Fish oil is taken by people to lower their blood levels which are important in reducing the risk of heart-related problems. Apart from that, it helps to lower instances of high triglycerides while it can help in reducing depression symptoms which is common among women with PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome).

Vitamin B12 – This type of vitamin is taken to maintain healthy blood cells and very common for maintaining mild psychological disorders. Vitamin B12 is water-soluble and is used to covert carbohydrates into glucose so that energy can be produced. This mineral is used for digestion while regulating cholesterol levels for general health. Women will take Vitamin B12 as it helps in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails and very prominent in cell reproduction of the skins.

Grape seed extracts – Women who are conscious about their appearance will need to take supplements that aid in skin cells reproduction and have anti-aging agents. This can be supplied through grape seed extracts that are known to offer protection against free radicals. Grape seed extract is a very effective supplement which is rich with Vitamin E and flavonoids where it can help in reversing aging of the skin while protecting the skin from attacks. Taking grape seed extracts will ensure that blood flow in the body is more regulated and efficient while damaged skins are reproduced faster thereby creating more radiant and smoother skin.

DHEA – This is known as dehydroepiandrosterone which can be taken by women who have hormonal imbalance due to several reasons. This is a situation commonly faced by women who are above 35 and DHEA is usually recommended for hormonal balance to ensure the metabolic pathway of the body is efficient.

Vitamin C – Perhaps the most important and fundamental mineral of all is Vitamin C. This water-soluble vitamin is easiest to find and can be supplied through fruits and vegetables. However, for women who do not receive enough Vitamin C from their daily diet, there are many types of Vitamin C supplements in the market. For women, Vitamin C is needed for general health and it is needed by the body to produce collagen which is very crucial for skin reproduction and health.

Green Tea Extracts – Green Tea is perhaps one of the most traditional types of food which has been found to be very beneficial for skin and regulating of blood pressure by experts in the medical field. In fact, the catechins in green tea extract are used to protect the body from digestive infections while helping in reducing bad cholesterol within the system. Many companies are using green tea extracts as part of slimming programmes and as such, it can be used for fat loss efforts as well.