Group wants govt to use Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients. Will it work?

Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients

The use of Ivermectin could be the answer to getting the COVID-19 situation under control in a short time. This as the call by the MAECC or Malaysian Alliance for Effective Covid Control group. The coalition of health groups in Malaysia was calling on the government of Malaysia to sue this parasitic drug after the spike in positive COVID-19 cases a few months ago.

Ministry of Health heavily considering the option

According to MAECC, the use of the Ivermectin drug could help the authorities get the COVID-19 situation in control in as short as 6 weeks. As the country is currently under Emergency, it should use this power to fast-track the use of this drug. This can help to enhance the immune systems of individuals who are under quarantine due to COVID-19. MAECC wants the government to use the drug as a first-line therapy since it has a good track record globally. To date, more than 3.7 billion doses have been described and were used for more than 40 years now.

Safe and proven drug

MAECC also added that there is enough scientific data that shows that Ivermectin is an effective drug. It is also among the safest in the market. It could possibly be the drug that can prevent COVID-19 deaths and the earlier the drug is administered, the better it could reduce the severity of this virus. On the other hand, it would be unethical if the patients of COVID-19 are not administered with Ivermectin. Among its members, Dr S Vijaendreh said that there is data accumulated that showed that the drug can be used for the treatment of COVID-19 although it is not the cure for it.

Previously, Ivermectin has been used to treat patients with river blindness and head lice. Lab tests in Australia’s Monash University showed that the drug had an inhibitory action on the COVID-19 virus. It reduced the load of viral RNA within 48 hours up to 5,000 times.

Positive step by the Ministry

The Ministry of Health and the Institute of Clinical Research had in early June 2021 started clinical trials among high-risk COVID-19 patients. The evidence has been inconclusive which means it has yet to be recommended for routine use. According to the ministry, the WHO had only recommended Ivermectin for clinical trial settings while the FDA has yet to approve it for treating COVID-19 patients. As such, the Ministry is still in the process of coming to a decision on this.