Does Asthma and sports go together for children?

Does Asthma and sports go together for children

Asthma is one of the most common problems people face what more with the air that we breathe getting more polluted everyday, more and more people are facing difficulty in breathing. If your kid do have symptoms of asthma how will they cope with playing games and joining sports like football or basketball. A lot of parents believe that if their kids have asthma they will not be able to play sports. This is a wrong belief as with a little coaching and care, your kid will be able to develop stronger lungs which will help them in overcoming the breathing problem.

Records have shown that athletes with asthma problems have been able to play the sports where they have since developed stronger lungs and overcome these problems. As a matter of fact they have been able to play the sports so successfully that they have become top in their game and won medals and awards throughout the world. The whole idea is to identify a game which can help the kid excel without having to overly exert their breathing problems.

So is it safe for your kid to get involved in sports if they have asthma? The answer is yes. You have to first identify the best games that they can play and are not dangerous. You can get them started in games like tennis and badminton which requires long distance exercises. Where this is concerned, they can take breaks whenever they feel like it and when they do not feel too good. If they play the game frequently enough then they will be able to learn to control their breathing better. Whether or not they want to go for the more rigorous games like cycling or marathons is up to them after that as they would have know how the games will affect them by then.

The most important factor for kids who have asthma to be playing sports is to first consult the doctor to find out what are the things that need to be done. Hence this is where you need to have all the medications in place before playing games. Ensure that proper warm ups and warm downs are done before and after the game. Tell the people around them that you have asthma so that they know what to do if you feel that an attack is looming. Once all that is taken care of, you can then go on with your game and enjoy them to the extend that you fell you are capable of.